You don't have to Probate Alone

There is so much to do to settle an estate after losing a loved one. Your focus should be on healing, let us help with all the rest.

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You don't have to Probate Alone

There is so much to do to settle an estate after losing a loved one. Your focus should be on healing, let us help with all the rest.

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Purpose-Driven Probate

A guide to purposeful decisions that keep your probate journey from becoming a horror story... by honoring your families’ legacy, avoiding conflicts, and helping you move through grief.

This book includes...

  • Mental preparedness techniques to keep you grounded in your goals
  • Honest information about what you should expect from the legal system
  • Guidance on how to get started with probate legalities
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Letting My Light Shine!
Some stories need extra TLC. I love those the most.

Handling the probate process or property estate issues can be very challenging for anyone…. Including Me!

It became true when my family was shaken by grief. For the past few years, I’ve personally assisted many families to manage the woes of probate and the sale of their departed loved one’s residence. It wasn’t until I lost my dearest cousin Nena and my “favorite” Mother-in-Law, Eloise I realized just how emotional and overwhelming it can all be on a family.

Their transitions have allowed me to bear witness to the difficulty of coping with grief and the demand of making timely problematic decisions on behalf of a loved one. Having this knowledge has encouraged me to continue to be a beacon of light in educating families about the probate process, and the importance of having life insurance and trust accounts.

Being appointed an executor or personal representative of an estate can truly “Never” be stress-free due to the decisions that need to be made. Most are unaware of the responsibilities and connected emotions. You would think families would come together, bond or assist each other during their time of mourning.

delinia weaver

I’ve found the typical real estate agent doesn’t have the skill to guide an Estate Administrator in getting the most money for a property... Having worked with some of the most experienced local attorneys and legal fiduciaries…. I have the knowledge needed to properly assist you. 

Understanding simple to complex probate concerns, I offer all-inclusive real estate representation. Each family will receive our trademark professionalism, expertise, and care to detail. If you are looking for a skilled, qualified, and competent team who specializes in probate, trust, and estate sales of real property, call me at 770-318-1647. I can't wait to serve you.

"Delinia is great. She is very knowledgeable about the Georgia real estate market. I would definitely recommend her if you want to purchase or sell a property in GA."
"All Probate Solutions ranks among the highest levels of client/customer service I have ever experienced..."
Katrina Patton
"Delinia is very in tune with her clients and what they want. I love how responsive she is and how she will take the time to answer any and all questions you have..."
Angela Russell
Let us do the heavy lifting
Here are some of the things we've been able to do for other families in similar situations...

  • Lock replacement
  • Written inventory
  • Property & hoarding cleanout
  • Personal Property donations
  • Closing permits and code violations
  • Returning cable boxes and modem
  • Collecting the mail
  • Preventing squatters
  • Leak and mold prevention
  • Regular property check-ups
  • Reviewing document compliance

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While each attorney is different in their approach to probate cases, they generally limit their responsibilities to court matters exclusively. Communicating with family members, finding resources for estate issues, etc, are better suited for an experienced probate real estate agent.